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November 7th, 2021 Miami, the grand finale «Lady of the World 2021».
This is a new approach to beauty contests, where we focus on beauty, intelligence, talent and support for each other, as well as a healthy lifestyle among women.

This evening, famous people, show business stars, popular stylists, designers, businessmen, bloggers and media representatives will gather on the red carpet and you can see how 20 of the most beautiful and successful girls from all over the world will compete for the main title - «Lady of the World 2021».

Master of Ceremonies - Aleksei Chebeliuk is a famous showman, accordionist, composer, producer, author of poetry. Director of the musical group VIA «Bez Cenzury». Laureate of the All-Russian Competition of Accordionists and Bayanists.

Special Guest on the Comedy Podcast Nobody Listens to Paulo Poundstone. He worked and collaborated with such artists as Leonid Agutin, Vera Brezhneva, the Propaganda group, the Demo group, Denis Klyaver, Larisa Dolina, Evgeny Dyatlov, Lev Durov, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, the Zveri group, etc.

Electronic violin, Live accordion, Dance ensemble, awards ceremony and after-party with DJ Xavier.

5 gorgeous staged exits of the participants under the direction of Denis Zhigalsky Showman, Scenographer - one of the best directors of beauty contests in Russia Under his leadership, the most significant events in Russia were staged, such as the creation of capsule shows at the Olympic Games, dance and sports shows at the FIFA World Cup, Haute Couture Week, Mister Moscow, Miss Playboy Russia, ALFA FUTURE PEOPLE, «Miss INTERNATIONAL», «Miss Maxim Russia», show «Mrs. Beauty Russia», «Mrs. Russia», «Mrs. PLANET», «Miss UN» in Delhi India, «Mrs. GLOBE CHINA». In addition to model shows and beauty contests, Denis participates in projects on television, in circus shows and is engaged in staging concert programs for artists in show business, as well as Irina Solovieva - Mrs. World, Mrs. St. Petersburg. Female Beauty Trainer. Fashion show director, creator of author's photo projects, courses on photo posing and podium steps. Disclosure of femininity and sexuality through the skills of a graceful gait and posing, through the psychology of female self-perception.

American entertainment stars Karim Ghoneim, known professionally as Cliff Neptune, is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. He was born in Neptune City, New Jersey, U.S but raised in Italy. In 2009 he released his first single «I Need 2 Cry Tonight». In 2014, he was featured alongside Master Freeze in The Light, produced by Dj Naps. In 2018, renowned sound engineer Vincent «Vinnie Dee» DeLeon (who has worked with artists such as FrenchMontana, TheWeeknd, LilYachty, JBalvin, BadBunnypr and more) brings Cliff and Vinnie Venditto (multiple Grammy awards and 9X Platinum Music Producer) together. This partnership will lead to a fusion of futuristic tropical and dark R&B sounds.

Sunday, November 7th. Doors at 6:00pm. Dinner, show and award ceremony at 8:00pm. Tatiana Club & Restaurant, 1710 E Hallandale Beach Blvd, Hallandale, FL 33009.
Tickets: from $75 to $175. Sale! $20 Off! (Sale ends on October 26th.)

Seashell Salad (marinated shrimp, squid, crawfish, fresh mushroom, with spicy sauce),
Kani Salad (thin shreds of imitation crab sticks and seaweed mixed with Japanese mayonnaise and drizzle with hot sesame seed oil, topped with Tobiko),
Sesame Tuna (coated with sesame seeds, and quickly seared, served rare in ginger sauce),
Spicy Salmon Tartare (diced raw salmon, massago, hot sesame Japanese mayonnaise, red caviar).
Fish Assortment - platter of Lox, Semga and White Fish.
Meat Assortment - roast pork, beef tongue, roast chicken, mustard & horseradish.
Pickled Vegetables Assortment.
Greek Salad (vine ripe tomatoes, lettuce, mixed olives, cucumbers, red onion, pepperocini and feta cheese),
Duck Salad (roasted duck meat, prunes, mesclun, green apple, nuts, crunchy tangerines, sweetened sour sauce),
Tatiana Salad (daikon radish, meat, crunchy fried onions and little bit of mayonnaise),
«Rockefeller» Salad (fresh mozzarella and blue cheese dressing).
Eggplant Assortment: Eggplant Caviar (grilled to a crisp eggplant, fresh tomatoes, fresh and fried onion, garlic and sunflower seeds oil «memory from my childhood in Odessa»),
Eggplant Babaganoush (with a combination of tahini, lemon juice, garlic and other flavors.
Potatoes with Mushrooms, Khachapuri, Crêpe «Surprise» (chicken, mushrooms and Spanish onion sautéed in creamy sauce, then gently wrapped in crêpe),
Shrimps «Papardella» (white creamy sauce),
Braised Short Ribs (tender braised beef napped in a silky, rich sauce with bold red wine flavor and apricot),
MAIN COURSE -TILAPIA – fillet (roasted with grilled pineapple in mustard sauce).
Homemade cake «Napoleon», Fruit platter, Coffee and tea.
«Russian Standard» Vodka, Wine.

  Sun, Nov 07, 2021, 6:00 РМ — Tatiana Club & Restaurant, Miami, FL
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