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Леонид Пташка - джазмен, пианист-виртуоз, один из самых известных израильских русскоязычных музыкантов, который популяризировал джаз в Израиле в 1990-х - начале 2000-х годов. Входит в список 100 лучших джазовых музыкантов XX века по версии Американского биографического института. Сотрудничал с такими джазовыми музыкантами, как Эл Фостер, Херб Альперт, Фредди Хаббард, Валерий Пономарёв, Игорь Бутман, Биг-бенд имени Георгия Гараняна и другими. За свою эмоциональную манеру исполнения и мастерские импровизации был прозван «разрушителем фортепьяно», помимо этого играет на барабанах и мелодионе.

Яков Майман - известный американский саксофонист. Невозможно перепутать его особенный тембр, он виртуозно импровизируют с гармониями, внося в мелодию свежие музыкальные веяния.

Воскресенье, 4 ноября 2018, в 2:00 часа дня. Kings Bay YM-YWHA, 3495 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11229.
Цена билета $25.

The Show - Leonid Ptashka Israel's Most Entertaining Jazz Pianist With Saxophonist/Jazzman Yaacov Mayman and his band will Celebrate 70 Years of Israel.

Leonid Ptashka is considered one of the greatest jazz pianists of our time: in 2000 he was included into the prestigious list of «100 outstanding musicians of the 20th. Century» compiled by the American Biographical Institute. A powerful performer, a talented composer, a tireless promoter of jazz, passionately committed to his art, Ptashka is an Israeli musical treasure who is both an expert on jazz tradition and a jazz trendsetter, pushing compositional and improvisational limits every time he touches the keys. Ptashka’s performance is a blend of drama and power, always full of surprises, from wailing intensity to joyful simplicity. This pianist not only plays jazz, but also reveals the magic and the psychological and emotional process behind it. He approaches music in different ways: sometimes briskly, in a vigorous manner, or with a lot of fluidity and smoothness; sometimes very strongly, almost wrathfully, and sometimes in a more humorous vein. Like his many legendary predecessors who revolutionized the jazz world, he is known for exploring elements not typically associated with jazz, such as combining piano scores with Cantor Choir singing. The energy produced by his super-expressive music is always uplifting. He has a rare capacity to experience the entire breadth of life through music, to share it with the audience and to draw very different people closer together by doing so. He is constantly continuing to innovate and to renew his repertoire and styles.

Yaacov Mayman is a many-sided composer, whose music incorporates his strong influences by John Coltrane and Dexter Gordon, his deep roots in Be-Bop and his exposure to World, Israeli folk and Classical music into one fresh, unique and original style, full of punchy, unpredictable rhythm riffs, inspiring melodic twists and touching lyricism, all above breath-taking metric kaleidoscope. His quartet has been conquering audiences hearts, leaving listeners on the tips of their toes all the way through his exciting performances around USA and abroad and is currently maintaining a busy tour schedule, making New York City its home.

  Sun, Nov 04, 2018, 2:00 РМ — Kings Bay YM-YWHA, Brooklyn, NY
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